July 23, 2024

Former Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho, has criticized Dr. Hanna Louisa Bissiw, the National Women’s Organizer of the NDC, for walking off a live television show.

Anyidoho’s rebuke came in a series of tweets following Bissiw’s decision to exit the Joy Prime breakfast show after being paired with Hajia Safia Mohammed, the Deputy Women’s Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), rather than Kate Gyamfua, the NPP Women’s Organizer.

In his tweets, Anyidoho expressed dismay and disappointment at Bissiw’s actions, accusing her of arrogance and disrespect toward Ghanaians.

“Jesus!! Listen to Hannah Bisiw & you’ll cringe! Such arrogance laced with total disregard for Ghanaians. These are the people insulting the State for questioning a Deputy Minister’s authority to sign an ambulance contract yet she disrespects a Deputy Women’s Organizer! Damn! JM,” Anyidoho tweeted.

He further criticized former President John Mahama (JM), suggesting that he had cultivated a group of “venomous vipers” like Bissiw, which he believed would harm Mahama’s electoral chances.

“These are the venomous vipers that JM cultivated with glee, thinking he was going to be using them to always sting his perceived enemies. Now, the vipers are consciously stinging the dead goat electoral chances of JM. ‘Wu be ti borborliborbor.’ Onaaapo.

“Ah! So, they even apologized to her but she still walked off set? Damn!!! You are in opposition looking for votes and instead of seizing every opportunity to sell your msg, you go flaunting ur ego? See how a woman disrespects her fellow women. JM has jinxed the NDC. Sad!” he added.

Bissiw’s decision to walk off the set came after she realized she would not be engaging with her direct counterpart, Kate Gyamfua, as she had anticipated.

Bissiw stated that she had been informed she would be participating in a discussion with Gyamfua, and upon discovering the change, she chose to leave the show.

Before her departure, Bissiw apologized to the NPP representative, the NDC, and the station, stating her readiness to return if paired with Gyamfua in the future.

“Unfortunately, this morning, I will disappoint you and your station. With a lot of respect to the Deputy Women’s Organizer of the NPP, I was told that I was going to meet with my counterpart, Kate Gyamfua,” Bissiw explained.

“I do have two able deputies who could have equally come, but it wasn’t until I got here this morning that I discovered that I was meeting with the deputy national women’s organizer.”

Bissiw emphasized her willingness to participate in future discussions under the right conditions.

“So, I want to apologize to my followers, my political party, and to your viewers that I will not be able to partake in a program that I wasn’t told who I was going to meet. Anytime and any day that my colleague, the National Women Organizer of the NPP, is present, I shall be present. Next time, if it’s the deputies coming, I have two deputies so they can represent me,” she concluded.

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