July 23, 2024

The Complete List Of Tech Blogs In Ghana 2023 comes with everything you may know and understand about the tech blogging industry and how it works in Ghana.

There are numerous information sites on the web today; however, they vary greatly in quality, intent and reliability. Such differences are though necessary as we all have different perception of things based on our life experiences. This has led to the appearance of a wide range of blogs with varying focus that caters to multiple interests and issues that permeate into different sectors of life.

They all live in different parts of Ghana, which is why social media comes in handy when it comes to staying connected with these tech blogs.

Blogs have become an integral part of information gathering, and tech blogs are not exceptional to this. Technology has been shaping the world in our generation.

Ghana Tech Blogs are those that write about Technology news, tutorials, product reviews, events, and other tech-related topics. Here is our list of Tech blogs in Ghana.

Ghana Tech Blogs are embracing to the everyday updates in technology for sharing everyday technology stories with the focus of advancing the growth and interest of technology in Ghana. It is an undeniable fact that, these tech blogs in Ghana are contributing much to the growth and success of technology to the everyday tech and non-tech lovers in Ghana.

It maybe the future but we are not there yet, we are still to see what’s different about the year 2023 in Ghana Tech scene. In this list, we will try to bring you together all Tech Blogs in Ghana with an attempt to identify changes that has occurred since the last one we did.

The objective of this site is not only to list down all the technology blogs in Ghana but also to act as medium for bloggers, advertisers (who wish to advertise) and visitors of the list.

Use these if you aspire to be a technology blogger or run your own blog related to technology. These are tech blogs that have been on for a while which is a good sign of their credibility and trustworthiness as bloggers.

Technology In Ghana: What To Know Before Becoming A Tech Blogger In Ghana

Ghana is a country located in the continent of Africa, bounded to the west by Guinea, to the east by Togo, to the north by Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast, while in the South is the Gulf of Guinea: which separates it from Liberia and Sierra Leone, the other two countries that form the group of West African States (WAS). Climatically Ghana can be divided into three main zones: the coastal plains with monsoonal rainfall; forested central region, with rains more or less evenly distributed throughout the year; and for interior region as well as for southern Ghana, which receive no rain at all.

Tech Blogs in Ghana, as the name suggests, are websites that write exclusively on Tech related updates. Tech is an umbrella term for everything from new gadgets, software, mobile phones — both symbian phones and smartphones and internet advancements.

The following is a complete list of Tech Blogs in Ghana. I encourage you to bookmark this page and visit often as it’ll be updated continuously.

We are surrounded by technology, and it’s an undeniable fact that technology plays major roles in our daily lives — since we use the services of technology applications in our daily lives each and everyday.

The tech blogging niche has proven to be more resourceful in Ghana, since Ghana lacks a lot of tech writers in contributing to the technology space in Ghana.

The emergence of practical technology ideas and knowledge with writing skills has brought about few tech blogs in Ghana that have helped in provision of technology news & updates for the everyday tech and non-tech lovers in Ghana.

There are few tech blogs to mention — but are not based on any raking or criteria as well. These blogs are provided based on the fact that, they provide everyday technology news and updates for the everyday person in Ghana.

From tech news in Ghana, startups, PayPal account in Ghana, how to get a verified PayPal account, blogging in Ghana, SEO, ICT Careers, IT Job opportunities, IT Scholarships, how to apply for anything in Ghana online, these tech blogs have all for you.

Check out below for these tech blogs in Ghana.

Though these websites are not listed based on any criteria, but you can find some interesting features such as; Responsive design and general outlook of the website, Content ( writing style and originality), User engagement on website and social media, Traffic in terms of branding within the tech pace.

When it comes to the tech space in Ghana, there are a few bloggers who really stand out — and that is why the tech blogging is a standalone niche in Ghana.

The internet is an important part of many Ghanaians’ lives. Many people in the world get information or news from online media sources. You can find out what’s happening in Ghana by reading our top ten tech blogs list.

In recent years, technology has become part of our daily lives. One can hardly go about a day in Ghana without seeing someone with a phone or watching TV on one of the numerous gadgets we have. Despite this being the case, there are still many people who don’t know much about these items.

Tech Blogs in Ghana

this is a curated list of blogs that are active in the tech blogosphere in Ghana.

This list of tech blogs in Ghana contains both local and international tech blogs that are dedicated to sharing information about new technologies from various fields. Check out the List of Technology Blogs in Ghana below.

  • JBKlutse.com
  • Mfidie.com
  • PCBossOnline.com
  • GustavTK.com
  • Slimfactsgh.com
  • Zone3Tech.com
  • TechNovaGH.com
  • Fifty7Tech.com
  • Gharage
  • AFD-Techtalk.com
  • TechVoiceAfrica.com
  • C-TekGH.com
  • MacJordanGH.com
  • blog.EthelCofie.com
  • TechGH.net
  • Ghanatechblog.com
  • Fbhtechinfo.com
  • Mytechhubgh.com
  • Theghanatech.com
  • Techgh24.com
  • KwesiArko.com
  • EmmarniTechs.com

ICT Catalogue as a technology blog in Ghana has made this simple but useful compilation on the list of tech blogs available in Ghana and more.

If you are a tech-lover and want to be updated on the latest happenings in the world of technology, then you need to check out some of these tech blogs in Ghana. These tech blogs cover the latest mobile phone news, science and technology news.

There are so many tech blogs in Ghana. The one issue is knowing the best of them. The above list given is the account on the full list of great tech blogs in Ghana, so you can read and follow.

If you are a tech blogger or someone interested in website design, then this is the article for you. I have listed most active and updated tech blogs in Ghana that should be in your bookmarks.

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