July 23, 2024

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has recalled how he nearly got carried away by a strong flood when he was a little boy.

Speaking during a preaching appointment, and from a video that was shared on Facebook by a page, FA Boateng, he said this near-catastrophe happened at Keta.

According to the man regarded as the father of the Charismatic Christian faith in Ghana, he had been sent to Keta by his mother to live with an auntie when floods began to threaten the area.

As everyone tried to get to safety, with the help of boats that had been brought to them, he said his auntie only realised much later that he (Duncan-Williams) wasn’t with them.

“I remember my auntie told me a story. When I was a little kid, my mother took me to a place at Keta. There was a flood and so, they brought these small boats to pick everybody. And everybody was in the boat, then my auntie remembered that I wasn’t there; I wasn’t among everybody, and in Ewe, my name is Nukuvi… means a wonder child.

“So, then my auntie said in Ewe, where is Nukuvi? They looked around and I wasn’t there. I was in the house sleeping and they had left me; they had forgotten about me… so, they had to rush and come and take me,” he explained.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams added that after he was located and moved out of the place, that was when the floods came in and destroyed everything in that location.

“As soon as they took me and they left the place, the flood came in and destroyed the whole place…” he narrated.

Watch him speak about this incident in the video below:

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