July 23, 2024

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, founder, and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel has disclosed that he attempted to warn the late Deputy Finance Minister, John Kumah, about a vision he had concerning him.

Gaisie disclosed that his efforts proved futile as Kumah blocked his attempts to reach out.

Prophet Gaisie shared that he received a vision about an impending danger to John Kumah’s life around April 2023 and being concerned for the minister’s safety, sent his junior pastor to Kumah’s residence multiple times, but each attempt to make contact was unsuccessful.

“Over the years, if I see something like that, I will just say it when I am preaching, but we have been advised about death prophecies, that we should try to reach out to the person.

“So, I asked one of my junior pastors, Pastor Godsway, to go to his house, he went there for about three times but unfortunately, on all those occasions, he didn’t meet him.

“Later, I had the prompt again and instructed him to go once more. He returned, reporting that the security man had informed him he wasn’t around and he spoke to the wife or something, so I wrote it down,” he said.

Speaking in an interview On Okay FM on March 8, 2024, Gaisie revealed that he tried to personally reach out to Kumah by calling him directly. However, he claimed that Kumah blocked his number.

“So, I spoke about it during the 31st night, I saw it but because of Dampare’s communique that said we should avoid death prophesies, I had to speak in innuendos and figurative expressions.

“And I used to have a relationship with him. In 2014/2015 he used to come to my church so I had his personal number (but) just after 2017, when I saw a different revelation about his government, that God will bring John Mahama, he severed relations with me.

“When I sent my junior pastor and I didn’t hear from him, I tried to call, so when I called, there was a number busy and the next one was blocked, so I said okay at the end of the day…we reached out but they disrespected us,” he added.

John Kumah passed away at the Suhum Government Hospital after a short illness.

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