July 23, 2024

Professor Vladimir Antwi-Danso, the Dean of Ghana Armed Forces Staff and Command College, has stated that issues related to the LGBT+ community should be treated as sickness rather than a human rights concern.

The professor argued that individuals with such sexual orientation should be viewed as having a deficiency and in need of help.

Speaking in an interview on UTV’s Adekye Nsroma on March 8, 2024, Antwi-Danso expressed his belief that the Ghanaian parliament should have considered the anti-LGBT+ bill from a medical perspective, categorizing it as a disease or sickness, rather than framing it within the context of human rights.

According to him, this approach would have provided a more compelling basis for legislative intervention.

“If it is possible, Ghana should be the first country to prove that the LGBTQI nonsense is not about human rights because if we talk about human rights here, we might always lose.

“It is not about human rights but rather sickness, it is an inferiority, it is a lack of something for those having such feelings, so we have to help and heal them,” he said.

He argued that framing the issue as a medical concern would have made it difficult for opponents to stand against parliamentary action, as the government would then be seen as responsible for providing healing and assistance.

“If Parliament had taken such a step, I am not sure anybody could have stood against it because if it is a disease or sickness, then the government has to heal them. But if you talk about human rights, then you have to fight and defend why it is not a human right…when did feeling become a right?” he asked.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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