July 23, 2024

Lead proponent of the Proper Human Rights and Family Values Bill, Samuel Nartey George recently shared his motivation for making it a mission to see same-sex activities crimanilised in Ghana.

According to the Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, he was compelled by the actions of an LGBT+ activist who sought to indoctrinate his children in school.

Speaking to Bola on Starr Chat, Sam George stated that he became incensed when musician and model, Deborah Vanessa gave LGBT+ lessons when she visited his children’s school.

“For those who say why is Sam George interested in this, I am absolutely not interested in what you do in the privacy of your bedroom. It is not my business… it is because these same people have taken what is their private perversion and are bringing it into my children’s classrooms; North Legon Little Angels.

“They take somebody who calls herself an influencer and a so-called social media celebrity. Takes her to the school, sit her with children aged 8 to 11 and tells them that it is okay as children for boys to love boys and for girls to love girls,” he stated.

Asked who he was referring to, Sam George responded saying “she calls herself Deborah Vanessah or whatever,” adding that she was engaged in the grooming of the schoolchildren.

Following parliament’s approval of the Proper Human Rights and Family Values Bill otherwise known as the anti-gay bill, a video of Deborah Vanessah’s visit to Little Angels School has surfaced on social media.

Seated among a panel and addressing students of the school, the model explained that there are different sexual identities beside male and female and that it is not wrong to identify different from the two.

“Some people will argue with you that we have only two terms; we have man and woman… we actually see that we have different types of humans. Am I lying? So no matter what you call a person, no matter what, sometimes you can see a boy two years or three years old being girly. We have different types of people and you have to accept because that is what you see. So I feel like we shouldn’t discriminate for how they’ve been created; how they were born, who they are. That’s the same as people being racist to us as black people because we are black. You didn’t ask to be black or you didn’t ask to be Asian. So for me that is my reasoning. You don’t have to judge especially if you are religious; if you are a Christian…” she told the students.

The Proper Human Rights and Family Values bill proscribes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) activities and criminalises their promotion, advocacy, and funding.

Persons caught in these acts would be subjected to six months to three-year jail term with promoters and sponsors of these acts bearing a three to five-year jail term.

After receiving parliament’s approval, the bill now awaits the endorsement of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to officially become a law.

Watch the video below:

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