July 23, 2024

The brother of 24-year-old deceased Lois Abena Koranteng, who died mysteriously during a business trip with her supervisor, has shared details on why he brought the matter to the public domain.

Speaking exclusively with GhanaWeb over a phone call, George Agyenim Boateng has expressed displeasure over the slow-paced investigation into the death of his sister.

Following the death of Lois Koranteng, a petroleum engineering graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah Science and Technology, on June 7, 2024, the police are yet to make any arrests and are yet to address the family on the progress of their investigations, a month after the incident.

According to George Agyenim Boateng, the reports of the police autopsy conducted at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital have also been concealed from the family, as the police claim they are holding the report to assist in their investigations.

Appealing to the police to speed up the investigations into the incident, he said he feels his sister’s case has been sidelined.

He added that this process, has, however, delayed and it is the reason he brought the attention of the public to the matter.

“We don’t know if Icons Energy (the company) is conducting a private investigation. The only people we know are conducting investigations which we are aware of is the Ghana Police Service and we trust Ghana Police such that they can do their best to fish it out.

“But I brought it to social media because to me, I feel the matter is being sidelined and I needed people to support me to seek justice for my sister. At least the police should hurry with their investigations because we are in pain”, he told GhanaWeb.

George Agyenim Boateng further stated that the company in question – Icon Energy, where his late sister worked, has since visited the family to formally express their condolences.

Recounting what actually happened, he said the late Lois Abena Koranteng called the family on June 7, 2024, to inform them of her business trip to Anaji, a township of Takoradi in the Western Region, together with one of her supervisors and a company driver.

The family, however, was contacted by the company on June 8, 2024, to inform them of the death of their relative, who reportedly was found in the swimming pool at dawn, but was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Agyenim Boateng is appealing to the public to help them seek justice for his sister’s death.

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